My Story

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself and my big idea. Why do you go by LifeSizeBox and the GrooveDude? Allow me to explain...

You’ve heard the term “think outside the box”. I’ve noticed it seems that people construct life size boxes. Thus, I encourage everyone to think outside their Life Size Box. Hence the name @LifeSizeBox – Although I truly enjoy hearing potential alternate meanings.

In 1996, I assembled a team and we published Groove Magazine. We highlighted music, culture and technology. Which is why some people still call me Groove Dude.

More than five years ago my passion for the fungus kingdom began to grow. Since then I’ve been advocating for the benefits of all mushrooms. Which is why people now call me Shroom Dude.

Moving forward you could call me Crypto Dude. I sold my house in 2017 and bought Bitcoin and other Crypto. Since then I’ve established an incredible meetup group with over 1000 members. And an active Crypto Discord group with over 200 members.

Besides organizing meetups I’ve attended tons of conferences and other Crypto events. From San Francisco to Miami and everywhere in between including Puerto Rico. I also talk about them on my Youtube channel and on Podcasts.

Currently I split my time between mushroom growing consulting and managing our next big events; Bitcoin Happy Hour and the first ever Youth Crypto Conference, Hack-A-Thon and Job Fair in Miami taking place Spring/Summer 2022.

About Me

I was born in the 70’s and grew up in the 80’s. In the fourth grade I was called into the principles office for selling Red Vine licorice out of my backpack at school. He said I had to stop so I pivoted my business strategy and I would draw mazes, photocopy them and sell those. Until the principle found out about that and forced me to sell my goods off campus. My early days found me hustling most of the time. I would get $1 hats from the grab bag booth at the fair grounds and resell them to people for much more. I grew up near Compton so occasionally you could find me outside the fairgrounds rolling dice. Literally down the street from where Too Short would hustle his CD’s.

As I moved into the 1990’s I learned that the hustle never ends, it just evolves. I started my first year of High School in 1990. I started my first official job at age 15 and quickly moved on to pizza delivery at 16 as soon as I got my drivers license. In those days I subscribed to magazines like 2600 and Mondo 2000. Always forward looking I bought a 2400 baud modem in 1989. Little did I know that everything would change the first time I logged into a BBS and eventually the internet.

I attended many conferences like Comdex and CES. Including the first Defcon and over the years I met people like Phil Zimmerman and Hal Finney. I learned from a young age the important role privacy plays in freedom. Those were the days I would build black boxes and phreak phones almost everyday. Between Major BBS and Nynex it was like a never ending playground of BBS, PBX and VMS.

Hacking and Phreaking wasn’t enough. The music was evolving and the underground was thriving. In 1991 I moved to Vegas and began organizing warehouse and desert parties. Our crew called itself D.U.N.E. Desert Underground Network Entertainment. Over the course of ten years in Vegas we produced and promoted 100’s of successful events. During that time I worked at Kinkos and even worked side by side with the founder Paul Kinko. I also published a magazine that focused on music, culture and technology from 1996 to 1998 called Groove Magazine. Some will remember our banner hanging in the rafters of Club Utopia.

The year 2000 and beyond…
I worked 13 years doing technical support for PowerPC, Micron, Dell, Sprint, Nextel, Sony and Google. I worked two years at the Cosmopolitan as a VIP Concierge. I passed the state and legal exam on my first try for a real estate license and I operated a ticket broker business.

After experimenting with the Silk Road I discovered Bitcoin. Finally, in 2017 I sold my house and put most of it into Bitcoin and other Crypto. I spent all my gains from 2017 to 2020 traveling from Crypto conference to Crypto conference. I visited Miami, Puerto Rico, Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles and of course my hometown Las Vegas. I had the pleasure of spending time with Tron Black, Charlie Shrem, Charlie Lee, Brock Pierce, Charles Hodgiskin and Crypto influencers like Rice Crypto, Naeem, Kenn Bozak and Crypto Finally.

2021 was a bust… I was evicted December 20, 2020 the locks were changed while I was away. My car was repossessed from my Moms driveway while I was sleeping. And among other things my health took a hit when I woke up blind in one eye from a fast moving cataract. Life on the skids… broke with no hope? Up the river with no paddle?

Nah… Nothing stops this train! So, what have you done for me lately? I hosted a successful can food drive meetup “Save the North Pole” on December 10th to benefit the Good Seed Los Angeles.
We initiated our partnership with OneTreePlanted
Our next Vegas Crypto event just announced! Happening during CES on Friday, January 7th 2022
Also just announced! Our Bitcoin Happy Hour in Miami happening January 17th 2022

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 We offer phone and video conferencing consulting. We give our clients assistance with every aspect of growing mushrooms for fun and for profit. Our clients receive all the essentials needed to create a successful mushroom grow experience. No matter if you are a beginner, a closet hobbyist or a commercial grade professional. Our courses and resources have helped many happy clients grow a massive crop, I’m certain we will help you too.

We provide easy to follow, step by step tutorials to achieve a successful grow. Our resource center provides proven techniques that you can reference anytime to keep growing your Mushroom cultivation knowledge. For those seeking more than a new hobby we can also help build a comprehensive business plan and our SOP’s can help you get certified by the state. Everything required to engineer your grow room and maximize yield.

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