There is more that connects us than divides us.
There is enough on Earth for all of us.

Everybody is at a different stage or level of consciousness.
Everyone has a different degree of awareness.
Every person walks their own path in life.


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Everybody is at a different stage or level of consciousness. Everyone has a different degree of awareness.
Every person walks their own path in life.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself and my big idea.

You’ve heard the term think outside the box. I believe people construct life size boxes. Thus, I encourage everyone to think outside their Life Size Box. Although I enjoy hearing potential alternate meanings.

I assembled a team and we published Groove Magazine. We highlighted music, culture and technology. Which is why some people still call me Groove Dude.

More than five years ago my passion for the fungus kingdom began to grow. Since then I’ve been advocating for the benefits of all mushrooms. Which is why people now call me Shroom Dude.

Moving forward you could call me Crypto Dude. I sold my house in 2017 and bought Bitcoin and other Crypto. Since then I’ve established an incredible meetup group with over 1000 members. And an active Crypto Discord group with over 200 members.

Besides organizing meetups I’ve attended tons of conferences and other Crypto events. From San Francisco to Miami and everywhere in between including Puerto Rico. I also talk about them on my Youtube channel and on Podcasts.

Currently I split my time between mushroom growing consulting and managing our next big event; Bitcoin Happy Hour and the first ever Youth Crypto Conference, Hack-A-Thon and Job Fair in Miami taking place Spring/Summer 2022.

About Me

I’m a Cannabis and Mushroom growing consultant for more than five years. In 2021 I consulted with several successful Mushroom grows. Now I’ve converted my extensive experience to develop a comprehensive website and training program all about mushrooms, growing mushrooms and growing your mushroom business. My new ebook Growing Mushrooms is a Growing Business is scheduled to be released in 2022.

The opportunity to teach and share what I’ve learned is fulfilling a lifelong journey. I subscribe to Stoic principles and I until I’ve the Socratic method with my clients which aids the learning process. I also apply the whole brain teaching method and I use first principles thinking to solve problems by identifying the core underlying issue. Resulting in long term success for my clients. We start by defining clear goals and then we innovate within proven models to measure progress and make adjustments that ensures the best possible outcome.

Since my first closet grow in 1994 I’ve mastered growing Cannabis and thankfully my green thumb also applies to Mushrooms. My passion for the fungi kingdom is almost unending. I firmly believe mushrooms have the ability to help people achieve wholeness and balance both physically and mentally. Mushrooms appear to be only givers because they turn waste into something the earth and everyone can use.

Mushrooms are known as a foundational food as they provide both nutritional value and medicinal value. I can’t say why mushrooms aren’t on the top of everyone’s grocery list. Mushroom pioneer Paul Stamets said “mushrooms can save the world” and without a doubt there’s evidence he is correct.
I believe that almost every problem we face today can be solved by mushrooms. I put my whole heart and soul into learning about mushrooms and I love sharing what I’ve learned with everyone who will listen.

Contact me today for any and all questions, comments and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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